Organize with Dressers

Think dressers are just for storing clothes? Think again! There are a million and one ways that you can organize with dressers. OK. That may be a slight exaggeration, but they really are multipurpose organizational gems!

Dressers come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to compliment any décor. What’s more, if you can’t find one you like that fits your budget or your space you can always repurpose a thrift store find.

The beauty of dresser storage is that it’s hidden, out of sight, not visible to the general public. Dressers allow you to corral your clutter in a stylish, discreet fashion. What’s more, they offer display space on top for the stuff you want people to see, the stuff that gives your home style and personality.

The spacious drawers of a dresser are great for storing everything from board games to bedding to bakeware – yes, bakeware.

Scroll down for a sampling of the numerous ways in which you can organize with dressers.

Organize with Dressers in the Entry

Dressers are an excellent storage option for an entryway. Use the drawers to store gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses, purses and wallets, ID badges, and other necessities out of sight. Use the top to create a welcoming display that sets the tone for visitors entering your home. 


This no-frills dresser has a family-friendly vibe. Removing some of the drawers and replacing them with wicker baskets and metal pails adds character and interest to an otherwise dull dresser. 


This pretty dresser, combined with the elements displayed on and above it, adds some country charm (as well as storage) to this entryway.


Here's a really innovative use of a dresser in an entryway. Upper drawers were removed in order to nestle a cozy bench seat into the frame of this charming old dresser. One drawer remains for storage (and support). Click on the source link above to see before and after images. 

Organize with Dressers in the Dining Room

In the dining room dressers offer storage for table linens, napkin rings, candles/candle holders, silverware, serving pieces, or whatever else may be need.  In addition, the tops can be used as a staging or serving area. 


I'm totally in love with this gorgeous dresser placed in a dining room.  It provides an elegant, sophisticated warmth in addition to tons of storage. The variety of sizes and depths on the drawers offers a lot of versatility. 


This elegant, spacious dresser really enhances the style and functionality of this formal dining room. 

Organize with Dressers in the Living Room

In the living room dressers make great storage for board games, DVDs, music, video games and controllers and other electronic equipment. You can even stash some extra blankets in them for snuggling under on a cold night. 


In this example, the rich wood tones of the dresser turned media center add a layer of texture and warmth to the existing decor. 


This cool modern dresser adds pizzazz as well as a bold pop of color. Hidden in those super sophisticated drawers could be toys, books, games, photo albums or just about anything - all neatly tucked away out of sight.


Who says dressers have to be placed against the wall? Here's a great example of a dresser turned sofa table. With the top two drawers removed it now provides both open and closed storage, and the burlap covered shelves add a layer of visual interest.

Organize with Dressers in the Kitchen

At first it may seem counter-intuitive to talk about dressers in the kitchen, but they make an interesting, storage-packed alternative to a traditional kitchen island. 


I love the white combined with the wood tones on this dresser turned kitchen island. Removing drawers and replacing them with shelves provides a pretty display space for attractive serving pieces, and who doesn't need more drawer space in their kitchen?


Add castors to the legs of a dresser to create a movable kitchen island. Replace the existing top with butcher block and extend it out an addition 12 or so inches to create a spot for stools. 

Reuse Old Dresser Drawers

When removing dresser drawers to create open storage, look for ways to reuse them and get double the storage from a single dresser. Try hanging them on the wall as shelves, stacking them to create bookshelves or putting castors on them and stashing them under a bed.

Organize with Dressers in the Kids' Room

While dressers may seem like a natural in a child's room, there are some unique ways in which they can be incorporated to provide additional storage beyond mere clothing. 


Here is a simple yet ingenious way to add book storage to a child's bedroom - attach IKEA spice racks to the sides of an old dresser. This solution could work in the rooms of older children as well; the spice racks could be utilized for storing anything from nail polish and perfumes to action figures and trophys. 



Here's a charming solution for a child's room - transform an old dresser into a dress up cabinet. In this example all but one of the drawers has been removed along with their supports. The resultant opening has been fitted with a hanging bar and embellished with some sunny wallpaper. A mirror hung on the side of the dresser adds the perfect finishing touch. 


Need extra toy storage? Try replacing the drawers of a dresser with baskets for stashing toys out of sight yet close at hand. 

Organize with Dressers in the Home Office

Use dressers in the home office for storing office supplies both inside and on top. 


In addition to storing a variety of office supplies, this dresser has been outfitted to store a printer out of sight. The front of one of the drawers has been redesigned to drop down allowing easy access to the device. 


Simply by replacing the hardware on this dresser and adding some metal accents, it's been transformed to look like typical office furniture - only with a bold punch of color to liven up the space. Imagine all the office supplies you could store in those eight spacious drawers!


This tall white dresser fits perfectly with the decor of this pretty home office. Despite the plethora of storage space it provides, it blends seamlessly with its surroundings. 

Organize with Dressers in the Bathroom

Re-purposing an old dresser can be a great way to add style and storage to a bathroom for not a lot of money. 


If you've got the floor space, a dresser can provide ample storage for extra towels, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. 


Dressers can be transformed into bathroom vanities by cutting a hole or holes in the top to accommodate a sink basin and adjusting the drawers to fit around plumbing. You can find a dresser to compliment pretty much any style of bathroom. 


In this vintage-inspired bathroom two dressers have been incorporated for maximum storage: one as a vanity and one built right into the wall. The result is both pretty and functional. 

As you can see dressers are not just for storing clothes. These versatile case goods can add warmth and charm to just about any space, not to mention tons of storage. Try organizing with dressers today!

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