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Swap your stuff and utilize the one in - one out rule to control clutter and save money.  Swap sites allow you to trade items you no longer want, need, or use for new stuff.   These sites are designed to keep usable goods circulating instead of collecting dust on a shelf or taking up space in a landfill.   They are also designed to save you money.  

There are swap sites for just about anything imaginable to include homes and services.  Here I will concentrate on sites that manage swaps or exchanges of books, movies, video games, toys, clothing, and children's items.  



Listia is an online marketplace where people trade unwanted items for items they want or need.  To get started, create an account.  Then photograph any items you want to get rid of and create a listing for each one.  Other members will bid on the item using Listia credits.  The highest bidder gets the item, and the 'seller' gets the credits to use to 'purchase' other items being offered on the website.  


Strictly speaking, swap.com is an online consignment store, not a swap site. That said, it is a great way to get rid of stuff you don't want. Instead of getting another item in exchange, you earn a little money. 

Swap.com offers a wide range of stuff. Options include clothing for men, women, kids and baby as well as maternity clothes. In addition, they accept/offer toys games, sports and outdoor equipment, books and movies. 

The process is pretty simple. Begin by requesting a pre-paid shipping label or an 'Inbound Box' on the website. When your label/box arrives fill it with the stuff you want to sell and return it to swap.com's facility. Once your stuff has been processed and stored you'll receive an email letting you know that it's ready for review and pricing. Before shipping anything to swap.com I recommend reviewing their list of acceptance criteria


aperback Swap

If you’re an avid reader, this may be a good option for you.  Become a member and trade books online for free.  List books you'd like to swap.  When another member requests one of your books, you pay the postage, but the favor is returned when you make a book request.  There are over 5 million books to choose from including textbooks and audio books. 

Books Free Swap

At Books Free Swap it’s the recipient who pays the postage.  

When you receive a request for one of your books, you print a postage paid label from the site and send it on its way.  In addition, you can create a wish list of items you want.  When they become available, you receive notification. 

Book Mooch

This site operates on a points basis.  You receive points for mailing books you've posted to other members.  You can then exchange your points for books you want.

Children's Items


Swapmammas is a community designed to help mom’s trade what they have for what they need.  It deals in all things kid related from clothes to car seats to clarinets to cleats.  No money changes hands.  It’s free to join. 


Swap Style

Swap Style is guilt free shopping for the shopaholic.  Membership is free and worldwide.  You can sign up on their website or using your Facebook account.  Members swap clothing through the mail for free. 


With Rehash you can choose whether you'd like to swap with everyone on the site or just swappers in your area. You begin by creating an account. Then upload photos of the items you want to swap. Add a short description of each item. You can also include a list of items you are searching for. As part of the bidding process, you can drag and drop items you're willing to trade. Once your bid is accepted, its up to you and your fellow swapper to iron out the details of the deal. 


Swap a DVD

Swap a DVD is designed to help movie lovers trade movies.   Sign up and list your DVDs.  When a DVD is requested, you mail it your fellow club member.  There are over 250,000 movies for you to choose from in return.  Movies are mailed to you for free at your request.

Title Trader

Trade books, DVDs, CDs, and video games.  Earn Request Credits for shipping to others which you can use to trade for things you want.

Game Trading Zone

Trade video games with other users.  The system is designed to connect you with others who want what you have and have what you want thus allowing you to swap your stuff.


Toys to Trade

Swap your stuff at Toys to Trade, and you can expect to find children’s toys, movies, and video games available for exchange.

Note that you can sell used toys through the online consignment store swap.com (featured above).

For information on how to organize your own toy swap, check out this article.

Host a Swap Meet

Our church's recent Swap Meet provided a great way for us to get rid of the unwanted items we identified in our recent move.  Consider hosting a swap meet in your area with neighbors, friends, a church group or other organization.  All you need are some empty tables and willing participants (which are usually not hard to find).  It's fun to see who takes what and what's being given away. The best part is, you typically leave with far less that you brought.  

Be sure to arrange for unclaimed items to be donated to charity.  Many charities will even pick up the items for you.  Check out Donate Your Stuff for a list of charities. 

Please note that the appearance of a site on this list does not constitute a recommendation on my part.  My purpose is simply to provide a resource.  As you can see there are many options available to swap your stuff.  This is just a sampling.    

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