Organize with Pegboards

A fun and versatile way to utilize vertical space for storage is to organize with pegboards. Pegboards work well for organizing a wide variety of stuff in just about any room of the house.

These organizational wonders come in metal, tempered wood and even plastic. Accessories include a plethora of hooks, baskets, bins and shelves.

Try incorporating a pegboard into your organizational scheme. Here are some clever ideas from around the web to inspire you.

Places for Pegboards

With a little imagination you can literally use pegboards to organize just about every room of the house. Here are a few you might not have seen before.

Organize with Pegboards in the Bedroom

Pegboards make utilitarian headboards from which you can hang decorative items as well as the essentials such as a reading light, an alarm clock, a shelf for a book, and much more. 



This pegboard turned headboard is the focal point of the room.  Reading lights cleverly clipped onto wire baskets provide some subtle storage against the decorative backdrop. 


The pegboard above isn't really a headboard, and it isn't a side table. It's just a cool way to add a splash of color and some extra storage in the bedroom. 

Organize with Pegboards in the Kitchen

A great way to free up counter space in the kitchen is to incorporate a pegboard somewhere. Many kitchen tools lend themselves nicely to hanging, making pegboards a great option in the kitchen. 


As shown above, a pegboard can provide a ton of extra storage in a small kitchen.  An added bonus is the accessibility a pegboard provides, making it easy to see and retrieve whatever it is you need. 


Pegboards may not be the first material you think of when you envision a kitchen back splash, but they are worth considering in a small kitchen. Think of the added storage a pegboard back splash would provide. On top of that, everything could be positioned right where it's needed. 


Here's a really clever idea: fill a small gap in kitchen cabinetry with a pull out pegboard.

Organize with Pegboards in the Closet

What better way to add much needed hanging space to a closet than to organize with pegboards! All those handy hooks are perfect for storing belts, bags, scarves, hats, jewelry and more. 



As seen above, pegboards work great in all kinds of closets to include this utility closet where a bit of wall space is being put to good use storing a variety of tools. 

Build with Pegboards


This four-sided portable tool caddy made from pegboard is a great example of functional construction. Look at all that lovely storage! 


Here's an example of a pegboard cabinet. The use of pegboard on the cabinet fronts allows for storage both inside and outside the cabinet. 


A room divider constructed from pegboards offers tons of storage possibilities. Use it to section off a dressing area. It could also work well in a home office, in a craft room, or in a garage or workshop. It would even work well in a shared kids' room with each child getting a side of the divider for storage. 

As you can see, imagination and creativity are the only limits to the ways in which you can organize with pegboards. Look for ways to incorporate these versatile organizational tools into your home.

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