Bedroom Storage

Maximize bedroom storage in order to minimize clutter and stress. 

Bedrooms are meant to be relaxing places, yet they also serve a number of practical purposes: dressing, grooming, and sleeping being chief among them. 

In addition, these personal retreats are expected to house a lot of stuff – important stuff, stuff we access every day.  It can sometimes be tricky to combine the look you long for with the storage you need.

The key is to look for attractive, functional storage solutions.  A variety of options are available.  The more different options you are able to utilize, the more efficient and comfortable your room will be.

These dressers with built-in bookcases offer versatile bedroom storage, particularly in a child's room.  Combining multiple dressers provides storage not only for clothing but for other items such as bedding, toys, games, and personal treasures.

A hope chest offers roomy storage for everything from board games and toys to extra bedding and seasonal clothing.  Plus it provides extra seating!

Get the Most Out of Bedroom Furniture

The most common and obvious form of bedroom storage is furniture. 

When shopping for bedroom furniture, consider the space available (it’s best to take measurements beforehand) as well as your storage needs.   Do you need a lot of shallow drawers, a few deep drawers, or a combination of the two?  Look for a dresser that provides the right kind of storage for your needs.

If closet space is limited, consider a chifforobe or armoire, both of which are designed to hold both hanging and folded clothes.  Another option is a free-standing hanging rack, but these are rarely attractive and are often awkward and flimsy.  Not recommended.

You can add additional bedroom storage by searching for a bedside table with drawers, shelves, or a combination of the two.  If space permits, you might even consider placing small, low dressers on either side of the bed to maximize the room’s storage potential. 

If your bedroom has the space and the need for a desk, choose a desk with drawers in order to keep desk clutter to a minimum. 

A popular form of bedroom storage is a chest or bench.  Look for options with ample storage capacity that will serve double duty as seating as well as storage for extra blankets and pillows, bulky winter wear, toys, etc.  

Traditional nightstands are only one of the many options available for bedside storage.  Look for something with maximum storage capacity like this basket table.  You can further increase storage by lining drawers with dividers.  

Repurposed lockers are a fun alternative to traditional bedroom storage as are wooden storage cubbies.

Utilize Wall Space

Don’t neglect your walls when searching for storage solutions in your bedroom.  Basic wall shelves are a great place to start, but you need not end there.

Consider the following options:

  • Layer wall shelves one on top of another for maximum impact and storage.
  • Extend wall shelves around the perimeter of the room at a certain height.  Try lining the walls with bead board or wainscoting to a height of about 5’ and topping the paneling with a shelf. 
  • Top a window with a shelf instead of a valance.
  • Hang a shelf beside the bed at bed height for an inexpensive alternative to a bedside table.
  • Hang wooden cubes or crates to serve as storage or display cubbies. 
  • Tilt a tall, narrow bookcase on its side and attach it horizontally to a wall for a maximum capacity storage solution.
  • Hang decorative hooks or hook racks for storing handbags, hats, clothing, jewelry, or baskets for stashing odds and ends. 

Incorporate Under Bed Storage

The space beneath the bed is a great place to hide bedroom storage.  Stash extra bedding, out of season clothing, exercise equipment, luggage, and anything else that needs an out-of-the-way yet easy to access home. 

A variety of under bed storage solutions are available for purchase. I recommend one of the following:

Another option is to make your own under bed storage by attaching casters to a simple wooden box or old dresser drawer.  The plus of the dresser drawer is that it has a handle, making it easy to grab! 

To maximize the available space beneath your bed, place the bed on risers which are available for under $20

Try utilizing a variety of bedroom storage options to create a functional, clutter-free space where you can unwind at the end of a long day. 


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