Bathroom Wall Storage

Create easy, inexpensive, functional bathroom wall storage using a basket and a key rack.

For months I've been searching for a way to add a tad more storage to my bathroom. I wanted something that I could hang above the toilet, something that would be stylish and unique but also useful. 

I scoured the internet for examples of bathroom wall storage, but none of the things I found quite met my needs.  I did find one idea that I liked a lot on Pinterest, but I couldn't find the components to recreate it. Then suddenly it occurred to me...I could create a similar look using similar materials.  Eureka!  

If you clicked on the link above (and I encourage you to do so), then you probably noticed that my version of this bathroom wall storage solution looks basically nothing like the one that inspired it, but I thank Carmel at Our Fifth House for getting my brain moving in the right direction.       

When I couldn’t find wicker planter boxes, I all but gave up.  Then it dawned on me that I had a basket that was virtually the same shape as the ones used in the inspiration.  I knew right where to get more, so off I went to Walmart. 

The baskets were $6.97 each – located on the same isle as the shower caddies and other bathroom storage. 

Next I wandered the isles of the hardware section searching for something to hang my baskets from.  What I came up with was a key rack ($5.97).  I liked the look of the wood and metal of the key rack with the wicker of the basket, so I decided to give it a try. 

Before I could hang my new storage baskets I had to remove an existing hand towel loop which we never use.  This left gargantuan, dime-sized holes in the wall which I promptly patched.  

After touching up the paint, I hung the key racks and the rest is history. 

The lesson I’m taking away from this experience is two-fold:

  1. Be patient and keep searching for the best solution to meet your needs.  If you’re looking, you will find it…eventually.
  2. Look for new ways to use old stuff.  That’s not original or surprising, but it’s a good reminder. 


I wish you luck in your search for whatever storage solutions may have been evading you, be they bathroom wall storage issues or other, more perplexing challenges.

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