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Donate DVDs and video games to charity and help raise money for a cause you care about.  You can also help individuals in difficult circumstances (such as deployed soldiers or hospitalized children) to pass the time more pleasantly.  

Consider donating to one of the following organizations after you purge your DVD and video game collection.  

DVD Donations

DVDs to the Troops

It’s super easy to donate DVDs to American soldiers for their enjoyment.  Simply print a shipping label on the DVDs to the Troops website and then mail them your movies.  You can include notes for the troops or reviews of the movies you are sending.  


This organization collects DVDs to distribute to Veterans, particularly those with limited access.  Donate DVDs to the address on their website or drop them off at a VA facility near you.   

Kid Flicks

Founded by four sisters after a friend of theirs was hospitalized for Leukemia, Kid Flicks collects DVDs and uses them to create movie libraries in children’s hospitals and pediatric wards around the U.S.   

Local Organizations

Check with your local library, as well as local shelters and care centers - to include daycare centers if you’re looking to get rid of children's movies.  Many such organizations have limited budgets and are happy to receive donations.  Call first before dropping off your donation to confirm that your stuff will be of use to them.  

What to do with VHS Tapes

Before you throw you those old VHS tapes, consider disposing of them through one of the following options.

  • Alternative Community Training (ACT) - ACT is a non-profit organization which provides services for people with disabilities.  They offer a recycling program which provides work for individuals with disabilities.  ACT recycles VHS tapes in all their varieties as well as CDs, DVDs, and the plastic storage cases for tapes and discs.  Print out a donation form on their website to include in your box.
  • Craigslist or eBay - Try posting your VHS tapes for sale online.  There may be a collector out there who would love to take them off your hands.  
  • Freecycle - This online network helps people in the same area exchange stuff they no longer want.
  • Garage Sale - If you're having a garage sale be sure to put out the old VHS tapes.  If they don't sell, you might try placing them in a bin marked "free".  If you still don't get any takers, you can always part with them through one of the other means mentioned here.  
  • Green Disk - These guys specialize in recycling outdated electronic items to include both VHS tapes and VCRs.  They do charge for the service - $9.99 to recycle up to 25 lbs. of stuff if you're mailing it to them (you pay shipping).  There is an additional charge of $0.35 for each additional pound.
  • Thrift Stores - Many people do still have working VCRs and may be interested in picking up cheap movies from the local thrift store - the more selection, the better!

Clean off the movie shelf.  Identify the movies your family has lost interest in.  There are lots of options available to donate DVDs.

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