Donate Your Stuff

Donate your stuff to a worthy cause and you will have the satisfaction of knowing your unwanted or unneeded stuff is genuinely benefiting another.

There is real truth to the maxim "one man's trash is another man's treasure".  This is particularly true on a global scale.  Literally hundreds, if not thousands, of worthwhile organizations are available which gladly accept carefully used items.  Helping such organizations to meet their needs can be extremely gratifying.

Equally satisfying can be the knowledge that you have done your part to protect the environment by recycling items that have no further use.  Numerous organizations exist with this aim as well.  

You will find here a fairly comprehensive list of organizations which gladly accept donations either for reuse or recycling.  The list is by no means exhaustive.  For one thing, I have tried to limit it to organizations that operate on a national or multi-state level in order to make it useful to a larger audience. 

Please note that the appearance of an organization on this list does not constitute a recommendation on my part.  My purpose is to assist you in finding a good home for your unwanted items by providing a sampling of the many available options to donate your stuff.  

Organizations are listed alphabetically within each category.  The order of listing does not indicate any sort of hierarchy. 

Before donating to any organization, take the time to learn about what it is they do and how their donations are distributed or handled.  In addition, be sure to obtain a receipt for tax purposes.

General Donations


Donate4Epilepsy accepts books, toys, clothing, small appliances, furniture, household items, sporting goods, and more.  See their website for a detailed list.  

Best of all, you can schedule a pickup online, making it super easy to donate your stuff.  You don't even have to be home.  Just indicate where the items will be (i.e. outside garage) when you schedule your pick up.  A receipt will be provided for tax purposes. 

Note that the pick up option is not available to everyone. It will depend on how close you live to a Donate4Epilepsy facility, but it's worth checking on their website. Just enter your zip code. 

Donation Town

Donation Town puts you in contact with local charities that will pick up your donations for free.  You can do specific searches on the Donation Town website for charities that will pick up your books, clothing, toys, furniture, shoes or household items. 

This resource is most useful if you live in or near a metropolitan area since most charities have a mileage limit which prevents them from traveling beyond a certain radius to pick up donations. 


Freecycle is an online reuse and recycle network aimed at keeping usable stuff out of landfills. Everything that is posted must be offered for free.  No money changes hands.  Join a group for your local area to find out what is being offered and what is being sought near you.  

Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Goodwill can be a great place to donate your stuff since they take just about everything from clothing to housewares to books to furniture and more.  Another plus is that, with more than 2500 stores in the U.S., they are just about everywhere.  

Habitat for Humanity Restores Resale Outlets

Restores accept donations of new and used home improvement goods, furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances.  Donations are sold to the public at greatly reduced prices.  The proceeds from these sales are used to build or renovate homes in the local area.

Local Shelters

When looking for a place to donate your stuff, shelters make a great starting point.  Chances are there are many in your own community who would benefit greatly from your unwanted or unneeded items. 

Some items typically needed by shelters include:

  • plastic grocery bags (for packing meals for the homeless)
  • blankets/bedding
  • warm clothing/socks
  • sleeping mats or bags
  • travel size toiletries
  • backpacks
  • bath towels & washcloths
  • over-the-counter medical and first aid supplies
  • flashlights & batteries
  • toys, books & games
  • cleaning supplies and household items (trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels)  

Locate Shelters near You

Contact your local shelter to find out what their specific needs are.  Check the websites below or your local yellow pages for shelters in your area.

Homeless Shelter Directory -

Shelter Listings -

Women's Shelters -

Local Thrift Shops

Thrift shops sell used stuff which has been donated.  They are typically run by charities.  Goodwill and the Salvation Army are examples of well-known thrift shops, but many smaller versions exist in communities throughout the country. 

Thrift shops benefit the community in which they operate by providing affordable goods to those on a tight budget; they benefit the charity they support, and they benefit the environment by keeping usable stuff out of landfills.  

Choosing to donate your stuff to a local thrift shop also helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint involved in the shipping of items over long distances. 

The Salvation Army

Like Goodwill, The Salvation Army accepts donations of gently used clothing, appliances, furniture, and more - to include cars.  

Save The Poor International

Save the Poor International is a non-profit organization working  with schools, orphanages, hospitals, clinics and individuals in the Republic of Ghana.  Their efforts are focused on promoting health, education, and the welfare of orphans, street children and persons with disabilities.  They organize volunteer programs, international youth exchange programs, rural development projects, and information technology and community computer literacy projects.  They distribute and donate school supplies, computers, laptops, books, and humanitarian aid to rural community schools and institutions around Ghana.  

At the request of Save the Poor International a detailed list of their current needs is provided for download. Click on the image below to access the list.

Vietnam Veterans of America

The Vietnam Veterans of America have numerous chapters around the country.  They accept donations of household items, clothing, electronics, and more.  Donations benefit American veterans and their families.  

This is just a sampling of the many organizations to which you can donate your stuff.  In the 'Recommended Reading' section below you'll find lists of charities and other organizations which accept donations of specific items either for reuse or recycling.  Organizations are grouped according to the type of donations they accept.  

Recommended Reading

Other Options

In addition to simply donating your stuff there are many sites now dedicated to helping people trade items they no longer want, need, or use for items they desire.  Click on the image below to check out a list of swap sites at Swap Your Stuff.

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