Donate Musical Instruments

Are you looking for a place to donate musical instruments?   Look no further.  There are several options available to those who wish to pass used instruments on to a new owner.

Band of Angels (Meyer Music)

Operating in the greater Kansas City, Kansas area, Band of Angels works in conjunction with Fox4TV to collect, refurbish, and distribute musical instruments to children whose families cannot otherwise afford to provide them.

Charity Music

Charity Music offers several programs to help young people discover the joys of music.  They provide musical instruments free of charge to non-profit organizations that assist disadvantaged and at-risk youth.  They also rent musical instruments at a reduced rate to those in need.  In addition, they assist schools in starting a music program if they do not currently have one.  They also provide musical instruments and live entertainment to Veterans hospitals nationwide.  Visit their website for information on where to donate an instrument in your state.

The Dreaming Zebra Foundation

The Dreaming Zebra Foundation provides access to art and music supplies for thousands of children, schools, art therapy programs, and community organizations throughout the United States.  

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you can donate musical instruments at a drop-off location or arrange for pick up.  Otherwise you can mail your donation to the address on the website.  The Dreaming Zebra Foundation accepts donations of band instruments, keyboards, and guitars.

Education Through Music

In addition to collecting musical instruments, ETM accepts donations of the following items: reams of paper, cardstock, markers, pens, pencils, tape, some children’s books (see website for details) and storage bins for instruments.   They operate specifically in New York City schools.   

Hungry for Music

Hungry for Music provides instruments to under-served children who demonstrate a desire to learn music, or teachers who have willing pupils, but no instruments.  They accept all instruments (except pianos) in any condition.  

Local Middle or High School Music Programs

Many students prefer to rent an instrument rather than buying one, especially if they are new to the instrument.  Chances are the music teacher at your local school would be happy to increase his supply of gently used musical instruments.  If not, he/she may know of a student in need of your instrument.

Marching Mountains

Marching Mountains collects and distributes band instruments to disadvantaged public schools in Appalachia.   

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

The foundation collects gently used band and orchestral instruments which they donate to underfunded music programs. Look under the 'Get Involved' tab to learn how to donate an instrument. 

Donating Pianos

Most charities and band programs do not have the space available to accept the donation of a piano.  If you have one you would like to pass on, check with a local piano teacher to see if he/she has any students in need of a piano.  Another option is to ask at the local nursing home or other care center to see if they would be interested in  your piano.  

Music is a medium appreciated by all people, young and old, but obtaining an instrument can be very expensive.  You pass the gift of music on to someone else when you donate musical instruments.


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