Policies & Procedures

In order to make our time together as pleasant and productive as possible, Step-by-Step Design has established the following policies and procedures. 

Confidentiality Policy

Your privacy is very important to Step-by-Step Design. Your name and contact information may be shared with individuals or businesses who assist Step-by-Step Design with your organizing needs on an “as-needed” basis, but otherwise will be kept confidential.  If Step-by-Step Design shares your information, recipients are given only the information necessary to assist with your organizing needs and are bound by contract to protect the privacy of that information. This duty of confidentiality continues even after your organizing needs are over.

Step-by-Step Design will never share photos of your project without your written permission. With written permission photos may be used on the business’ website, in promotional materials, and/or on Facebook or other social media outlets. If used, photographs will be accompanied by a first name only and the name of your city. Testimonials will be published in the same fashion. If you prefer to have your testimonial or photograph posted anonymously, you can request this in writing.

Cancellation Policy

Step-by-Step Design requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of scheduled appointments. Because life happens and some things are beyond one’s ability to control, Step-by-Step Design allows for the cancellation of one scheduled appointment within the required 24 hours of the start time at no charge. In the case of further occurrences, Step-by-Step Design may request half the agreed upon rate. This policy applies to both the Step-by-Step Design organizer, and any organizing assistants or contractors affected by the cancellation.

Confirmation Policy

A Step-by-Step Design organizer will email, call or text to confirm appointments. The organizer will show up at the agreed upon date and time unless otherwise notified by the client. Clients are expected to be present when the organizer arrives. If, for some reason, it becomes necessary to reschedule an appointment, it is the client’s responsibility to contact Step-by-Step Design at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time (See Cancellation Policy above).

Payment Policy

Step-by-Step Design accepts cash, checks or credit cards. Payment is required at the end of each session. In the case of a package deal, payment is due at the end of the first session. Please make all checks payable to Step-by-Step Design. An invoice for services rendered is available upon request.

Please note that weekend rates may differ from week day rates. Contact Step-by-Step Design for more information.

Return Check Policy

Step-by-Step Design applies a $30 fee for returned checks in addition to any fees Step-by-Step Design may incur as a result of processing the check. 

Travel Policy

Step-by-Step Design operates in Lansing, Kansas but is happy to serve the greater Kansas City, Kansas area. No mileage fee is charged for distances less than 60 miles (round trip). For distances greater than 60 miles a fee of $.50/mile will be charged. Google Maps results will be used to determine mileage. 

Donation Handling Policy

Step-by-Step Design will remove one car load of donations free of charge. Arrangements can be made for a charitable pick up for large loads or over-sized items. A donation slip will be provided to the client for tax purposes, either in person or by mail. The organizer may also remove recyclables if curbside recycling is not available. The client is responsible for all trash disposal and shredding of sensitive documents. 

Please note that some items are typically not accepted by charities. This list includes cribs, car seats, stuffed toys, power tools, televisions, computer equipment, large appliances and firearms. Removal of these items will be the responsibility of the client, but Step-by-Step Design will work to provide suggested resources for their disposal. 

Shopping Policy

Step-by-Step Design is happy to purchase organizational supplies on behalf of clients, if they so desire. The cost of this service is the cost of the items purchased plus a $50 convenience fee.

Clients may also opt to use one or more package hours (in the case of a package deal) to shop with the organizer.

Health & Safety Policy

It is the client’s responsibility to inform Step-by-Step Design of any injuries or medical conditions that may affect or be affected by an organizing session, including but not limited to breaks, sprains, pulled muscles, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or back problems. Any medical information provided by the client will be kept confidential.

The client must notify Step-by-Step Design in advance of the following conditions (known or suspected): 

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Rodent infestation
  • Bed bugs
  • Other insect infestations

For health reasons, Step-by-Step Design does not work in a space with an active black mold problem. Contact information for mold specialists or exterminators may be available upon request.

Thank you for your compliance with Step-by-Step Design’s policies and procedures.

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