Pegboard Organization

Personalizing Pegboards to Meet Your Storage Needs

Pegboard organization is a versatile, functional, fun way to take advantage of vertical space. Pegboards are great for keeping tools and supplies neatly organized.  With a pegboard everything is easy to find, easy to use and easy to put away.

A really great feature of pegboards is that they can be easily customized to coordinate with pretty much any décor. Anytime you can marry style and storage, that’s a good thing. The ideal storage blends with and compliments a room’s décor.

Check out these simple ways to incorporate pegboard organization into your decor.

Personalize Pegboard Organization

Paint it

A painted pegboard has a finished look that can really enhance a room’s décor.

The beauty of paint is that it can be mixed to match any color. Choose a color that compliments the room’s color scheme and ties the pegboard in as a natural element of the room’s design.

When painting pegboards be sure to start with a raw surface. Some pegboards come with a glossy surface that will not absorb paint. The result is paint that scrapes right off once it’s dry. Use a small roller to apply paint quickly and easily.

Tips for Painting Pegboard

When painting pegboards be sure to start with a raw surface. Some pegboards come with a glossy surface that will not absorb paint. The result is paint that scrapes right off once it's dry. Use a small roller to apply paint quickly and easily. 


You’ll find several examples of painted pegboards along with the above image (my favorite) at Apartment Therapy.


This cheerful turquoise pegboard provides a brilliant pop of color nestled among the surrounding white furniture. The bright color makes a fun, unifying backdrop for colorful art supplies.

Stencil it

Another fun way to personalize your pegboard organization is by stenciling. Stencils come in a wide variety and can be painted any color to match the décor. They are a versatile, inexpensive way to add interest.


Whether laid out using masking tape or done using an actual stencil, a painted design adds interest to a plain old pegboard. 


a few well placed images stenciled to a plain, white pegboard add just the right amount of charm. The coordinating frame gives the whole thing a finished look. 

Cover it

One of my favorite ways to personalize a pegboard comes from Angela at the Posh Space who covered a pegboard in fabric and mounted it on a reverse frame.


As with paint, there is an almost endless supply of fabric choices when it comes to covering your pegboard. Choose one that compliments your existing decor or start fresh by building a color scheme around a favorite fabric. 

Frame it

Give your pegboard a finished look by framing it. Cut a pegboard to fit an existing frame or build a custom frame around any size pegboard you like. 


Look for old frames at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. Fitted with a small segment of pegboard, this example provides an attractive place to hang sewing tools and accessories.


Pegboards are perfect for hanging jewelry. The addition of a frame adds a polished look to this custom jewelry display. I love the use of a frame within a frame to section off the earrings. 


Why stop at framing just one pegboard? Why not create a collage of framed pegboards as seen in the example above? 

Add a Shelf

Instead of just framing a pegboard you can add functionality by topping a framed pegboard with a shelf. 


This shelf topped pegboard makes a functional addition to a hallway or entry. Hang keys, coats, handbags, umbrellas and so much more. 


Combining pegboards with shelving provides the best of both worlds when it comes to wall storage. This clever unit is only 5.5 inches deep. It provides a ton of useful storage with very little impact on the room's floor space. Perfect for a garage!


Here's a great example of why pegboards work well in kitchens. The pegs are perfect for hanging small tools. The addition of a shelf above provides extra storage space for larger items. 

Accessorize it

There are tons of storage accessories available to enhance pegboard organization: all manner of hooks, baskets, bins and shelves. But you don't have to stop there because many items which are not specifically designed for pegboards lend themselves to pegboard storage. If it can hang from a hook, it's a likely candidate. 


Here's a great example of some of the many ways to accessorize a pegboard. I particularly like the use of hooks to support dowels for hanging rolls of paper. 


This is one tricked out pegboard! Big bins, little bins, hooks, small shelves, cork board, and tin cans. I like the use of binder clips for hanging paper and a cutting mat. 


The addition of wicker baskets and a small wooden shelf real warm up the look of this kitchen pegboard. The addition of these textures also adds to the character and charm.

Outline it

Adding outlines for the items hanging from a pegboard is a fun way to personalize pegboard organization. 


The white outlines against the dark backdrop of this pegboard add a touch of whimsy, not to mention practicality. What better way to ensure that thinks always get put back where they belong?


Filling in the outlines on a pegboard adds dimension and interest. 


The outlines on this pegboard don't just show where each tool belongs; they even show the color scheme of each tool for added interest and impact. 

As you can see, there is no limit to the ways in which pegboard organization can be personalized. Let your creativity be your guide as you incorporate pegboards into your home's organization. 

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