Organizing Your Refrigerator

What to Store Where

Food safety should be taken into consideration when organizing your refrigerator. Just stuffing things in wherever they fit is not the best storage solution for many foods. Follow these guidelines to keep your fridge orderly and your food fresh.

In the Door

It’s tempting to put milk and other dairy products in the door when organizing your refrigerator. Many refrigerators even have special bins or shelves designed to hold these foods, but the inside of the door is the warmest spot in the refrigerator, so you need to be careful about what you store there.

Foods that are safe to keep in the door of your refrigerator include sodas and wine, condiments which are high in natural preservatives, and orange juice because it’s pasteurized and has a high citric acid content which hinders bacterial growth.

Foods that should not be placed in the door include milk and other dairy products such as butter or yogurt, eggs, and meat.

Top Shelf

Remember that heat rises so the top shelf is slightly warmer than shelves lower down. This is a good place to store produce that won’t fit in the crisper as the temperature here is just about right for keeping produce fresh.

Middle Shelves

The middle of the refrigerator is the best place to store butter, yogurt, cheeses, eggs, and so forth.

The best place for eggs is actually in the carton they came in and not in the special egg container that comes with many refrigerators. They will stay fresher longer and be less susceptible to bacteria.

The middle shelves are also a good place for leftovers.

NOTE: Always cover your food when you put it in the refrigerator. Food that is left uncovered develops a crust or film which is most unappetizing. In addition, open exposure makes food vulnerable to bacteria.

Bottom Shelf

This is where the milk and the meat go since it’s the coldest spot in the fridge and these items are most affected by fluctuating temperatures.

The Crisper

Most refrigerators have two crispers designed for storing produce. If you store apples in one, don’t store anything else with them. Apples give off ethylene which will cause other fruits and vegetables to decay more quickly.

In the other crisper drawer you can store any combination of veggies or fruits.

A good practice to establish when organizing your refrigerator is to keep like things together. You can line related items up on a shelf or you can purchase bins to group like items together.

There are several advantages to grouping items according to type when organizing your refrigerator. Doing so makes it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for. In addition, it makes it easier for you to determine what you are out of when it’s time to go shopping. This can save you money and help you avoid waste by preventing double purchases. Best of all, your refrigerator will look great!

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