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If there is one thing we all seem to have in common these days, its clutter. Everyone has it, but not everyone is overwhelmed by it. The trick to taming clutter is know-how. My Organization Extras are designed to help you learn what you need to know to keep the clutter in your life under control.

Below you'll find a detailed listing of all the information available here at step-by-step declutter. 

Declutter Blog

The Declutter Blog highlights the newest information available at The information here is varied and useful to frequent visitors as well as first-timers. Be sure to check it out.

Declutter Challenge - Get Rid of 100 Things in 100 Days. Includes a free printable chart identifying all 100 items for purging. Also includes other printables with tips and information on purging specific areas of the home. 

general decluttering

Declutter Basics – Here you will learn the Steps to Declutter through an eight step process that can be applied to pretty much any decluttering project.

Additional pages in this section include the following:

  • Setting Goals provides an overview of the goal setting process. It’s important to define what it is you are hoping to achieve before you start so you will know when you get there!
  • The 4T's of Decluttering identifies four categories into which pretty much all stuff can be organized. It’s a useful way to think about and evaluate your stuff as you are trying to make decisions about what to keep and what to part with.
  • Clutter vs. Decor offers five strategies for pairing down when décor has gotten out of hand to the point that it has become clutter.
  • Rules for Decluttering includes 10 Simple Strategies for Conquering Clutter. These handy tips can be applied to any organization project and any room of the house for reliable, consistent results.
  • How to Stop Procrastinating and Declutter offers five tips for overcoming obstacles to decluttering. 
  • The Ultimate Strategy to Conquer Clutter provides four key strategies to employ in the ongoing battle against clutter: Extinguish Excuses, Overthrow Obstacles, Quell Incoming Clutter, and Defeat Indecision.
  • The P.E.A.C.E. Principles of Organization outlines five principles that have the power to transform lives by reducing stress, increasing productivity, improving peace of mind, and fostering a sense of empowerment.

Household Organization - Clutter is a family affair. Declutter Your Home offers insight into winning the support of your household in the fight against clutter.

Additional topics in this section include:

Information Management teaches the basics of managing all the paper clutter that threatens to overrun our homes on a daily basis.

Also check out:

Moving – This section of the website has consistently been the most viewed for the life of the site, and no wonder. Moving is a big deal and requires a lot of planning and preparation. I think you will find this entire section extremely helpful in preparing for your next move. Start with Organize Your Move where you will learn how to begin planning and what to be aware of. You will also find links to all the other great moving information pages on the site.

Find more moving tips on the following pages:

  • Understanding Your Moving Options compares the advantages and disadvantages of the three main moving options: portable storage containers, moving truck rentals, and full service moving companies. 
  • Prepare for Movers offers twenty tips to help you get organized for the movers before they arrive.
  • Working with Movers gives twelve tips for ensuring you have a positive experience working with professional movers.
  • Purging is an organizer’s favorite word. It is the ongoing process of decluttering, and this page offers insights into how to become an effective purger.
  • Creating a Household Inventory -Learn how to put together an inventory of all your possessions. It's useful when moving in case of problems and also very helpful for insurance purposes.
  • Tips for Unpacking identifies useful strategies for systematically unpacking your things following a move. This is your chance to get organized from the start!
  • Tips for Packing – If you’re moving yourself you definitely want to check out this page which offers the best packing tips from around the internet all in one convenient location.

Storage - Storage is a crucial part of the organization process and requires much more than simply stuffing things in containers. Begin with Storage Solutions which provides ten tips for assessing your storage needs and planning accordingly.

Other storage themed pages include:

  • Storage Kits are a great way to store the things you use frequently. Create kits for different activities such as first aid, cleaning, homework and mending to name a few. Kits make it easy to find what you need to get a task accomplished.
  • Storage Containers - Thinking Outside the 'Box' offers a variety of non-traditional storage solutions using everyday items.
  • Room Makeover provides a before and after look at a teenage boy’s room makeover.
  • Almost Free Storage Containers offers a variety of examples from all over the internet of repurposing cardboard containers as decorative storage.
  • More Free Storage Containers focuses on fun and functional ways to repurpose such throw-aways as toilet paper and paper towel tubes and glass jars as useful storage solutions.
  • Plastic Storage Containers provides numerous examples of ways in which every day plastic containers can be repurposed as storage.
  • More Plastic Storage Containers shares still more ideas for reusing recyclables as storage.


College - Packing for College outlines five important considerations to help with packing for college.

Holiday Planning - Declutter Your Holidays offers advice for planning a stress free holiday season by getting organized in advance.

Transition - Planning for Transition in Life identifies three strategies for preparing for both the planned and the unplanned transitions in life.

Travel - 5 Tips for Care-free Traveling provides five suggestions for getting the most out of any trip. 


Donate Your Stuff – This section of the website is dedicated to providing information regarding what to do with items you no longer want, need or use. You'll find links to a variety of charitable organizations as well as companies that specialize in recycling. You can feel good about letting go of your stuff knowing that it's helping make someone else's life a little easier. 

Resources include:

Free Printables  - This section offers a variety of free printables such as grocery lists, immunization schedules, medical histories, cleaning checklists, and much more.

Newsletter Archive - Here you'll find links to all of Step-by-Step Declutter's newsletters.

Organization Tools - Tools for Organizing offers three criteria for determining which tools are best suited to your organization needs.

Other topics in this section include:

  • Organize with Dressers shares awesome internet examples of ways in which dressers can be used as storage in just about every room of the house.
  • Organize with Pegboards offers a variety of ideas for utilizing pegboards as storage throughout the house.
  • Pegboard Organization shares ways in which you can personalize pegboards to meet your storage needs.

Questions – Here you can get personalized help learning How to Declutter Anything by submitting a question.

Sell Your Stuff offers tips for making a little money while decluttering.

Why Hire an Organizer? If you’re not sure whether hiring an organizer is right for you, be sure to read this page which outlines the benefits of working with a professional.


This section includes information about organizing and decluttering the various parts of your home.

Bathroom - Declutter Your Bathroom offers guidelines for clearing away bathroom clutter. 

The specifics of bathroom organization are outlined in the following pages:

Bedroom - Declutter Your Bedroom provides a four step process for clearing out and cleaning up the bedroom.

Additional bedroom organization tips can be found on the following pages:

Entry - Tips for Creating an Organized Entry teaches how to make the first impression guests have of your home a positive one.

Home Office - Declutter Your Home Office identifies the things you need to consider when organizing a home office. 

  • Declutter Your Files outlines a simple system for organizing important papers. The goal is to be able to locate 0r file any piece of paper in 30 seconds. 

Kids' Rooms - Kids rooms are specially made for collecting clutter. Declutter Kids' Rooms offers guidelines for working with your kids to declutter their space. 

Addition tips for kids' rooms are available as well:

Kitchen - Along with kids' rooms, kitchens are the room most searched for when it comes to decluttering tips. Declutter Your Kitchen offers a fool proof plan for downsizing kitchen excess. 

Tons more kitchen organization tips are available in the following:

Pantry - Learn a simple process to Declutter Your Pantry.

  • Pantry Inspiration offers a peek at my own pantry makeover with tips on how to make the most of a deep pantry cabinet.

I hope you'll take the time to explore all the great organization and decluttering resources available here at step-by-step declutter. 

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