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Free Storage Containers from Paper Tubes

Toilet paper and paper towel tubes make great free storage containers, and most of us have them in abundance.  Here are some suggestions of ways in which to use paper tubes as storage:

  1. Seal one or both ends with paper or tape and store the any of the following:
  • chopsticks
  • metal skewers
  • fondue sticks
  • fireplace matches
  • knitting needles
  1. Wrap individual taper candles in tissue paper or a paper towel and store inside your tube to prevent warping or breaking.
  2. Stuff plastic grocery bags in one end of the tube until the tube is full. Place the stuffed tube in the glove compartment of your car and use the grocery bags to contain trash when you’re on the road.
  3. Tubes are great for preventing creases in important papers. If you've got small artwork or documents you want to transport or store try rolling them and placing them in a paper towel tube to protect them. Larger items could be stored in an empty gift wrap tube.

Here are some additional ways to create free storage containers from empty paper tubes.  

How cute is this idea?  Paper tubes fitted inside a box serve as a garage for toy cars. {source}

Here is a clever solution for cord storage.  Each cord fits snugly inside a toilet paper tube and the tubes fit inside a cardboard box.  {source}

Here's a fun idea for pen storage.  Wrap toilet paper tubes in gift wrap.  Pinch one end and staple closed. Quick, easy, functional and basically free.  {source}

Free Storage Containers from Glass Jars

Glass jars are so versatile and beautiful. Depending on your décor, they can look rustic and country or sophisticated and contemporary. They come in an endless number of shapes and sizes and even a variety of colors.

Remove any labels (see below) and decorate the lids using spray paint, decorative paper, fabric, or some other crafty technique.

Here are just a few of the endless items you can store in glass jars:

  • craft supplies (beads, rubber stamps, washi tape, pom poms, pipe cleaners) 
  • sewing notions (buttons, bobbins, ribbon, safety pins, scissors, spools of thread)
  • dry goods (rice, beans, pasta)
  • bath salts and decorative soaps
  • makeup sponges and brushes
  • cosmetics
  • bathroom supplies (cotton balls, Q-tips)
  • office supplies (paper clips, rubber bands, pens, pencils)
  • hardware (nails, screws, nuts, bolts) 
  • snacks
  • muffin liners
  • decorative tips for cake decorating
  • cookie cutters
  • seashells
  • rocks

Removing Sticky Labels

There's no need to spend money on fancy products designed to remove sticky labels. Chances are you already have at least one label removing remedy in your home.

Any of the following can work wonders in removing labels and the sticky residue they often leave behind:

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Vegetable Oil
  3. Baby Oil
  4. Vinegar
  5. WD-40®

Simply rub your chosen remedy generously over the label extending slightly beyond where the label meets the glass. Let sit for a few minutes to allow the glue time to dissolve. Then use a nylon scrubber to rub off the label.

In the case of vinegar, you will achieve the best results by soaking a dish cloth or rag in the diluted vinegar and then applying the rag to the label for several minutes.

Lidded candle jars, with their wide mouths, make great storage containers as demonstrated here. {source}

This is truly an example of a free storage container.  Just attach empty glass jars to the bottom of a shelf for added storage that's both playful and purposeful.  {Source}

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