Donate Used Toys

Donate used toys to charities and other service organizations in your community and teach your children to give while you declutter at the same time.  There are many opportunities to share gently used toys with others.  

Here are just a few suggestions to consider. 

Day Care Centers

The toys at day care centers see a lot of love, so the occasional influx of ‘new’ toys is often greatly appreciated by both children and care givers.  Call around to day care centers in your area with your offer to donate used toys. 

Church Nurseries

Most churches provide nurseries to entertain young children during adult services.  Check with yours to see if they would benefit from some gently used toys.

Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Over the years I have passed numerous toys down to the children of family, friends, and neighbors once my children have outgrown them.  We have also been the recipient of some pretty cool stuff as others have passed their old toys on to my children.  Maybe there is someone in your life whose children would love to put some more miles on the toys your kids’ have outgrown.

Local Shelters

Check with your local women’s shelter or homeless shelter to see if they accept donations of used toys.  Many children in these situations have very few personal possessions.   Having toys to play with can help make a difficult situation less stressful.   

Project Smile

Project Smile collects new and previously owned stuffed animals, small toys, children's reading books, and new coloring books/crayons to give to police officers, fire fighters and paramedics who distribute them to children in traumatic situations.   You can donate used toys to Project Smile by checking the ‘Drop Off’ tab at the top of their homepage for instructions.

If you want to ensure your donation benefits your community, check with your local police, paramedics, or fire department to see if they accept donations.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores like the Salvation Army and Goodwill are a great place to donate used toys. 

Waiting Rooms

Most pediatricians have a small supply of toys in their waiting room to keep young patients entertained while they wait for their turn with the doctor.  Check with your pediatrician to see if donations are accepted.  You can also check with a family practice doctor or dentist or any business with a waiting room that serves families. 

If toys are taking over part (or all) of your home it may be time to declutter.   You can donate used toys to any one of a number of worthy organizations.  Better yet, if you have many toys to donate, split your donation among multiple recipients.  

Children have an amazing capacity for compassion.  Involve them in the process, and you will likely be surprised and gratified to see the enthusiasm with which they embrace the idea of sharing their toys with someone in need.   

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